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At our company, we prioritize delivering positive experiences for our customers through showing genuine care for their needs and offering high-quality products. Our expertise in the industry, technical proficiency, and commitment to serving customers sets us apart, as we work to bring innovative and advanced brands and manufacturers to the market. If you have any sales or order inquiries, our dedicated customer care representative is ready to assist. Please feel free to reach out to us.



We offer complete documentation for all of our ingredients to fulfill any export regulations. If you require any documentation for your regulatory requirements, please reach out to us.



Our company provides a wide range of prototype formulations for various products, including skincare, haircare, sun care, body washes, and color cosmetics. Whether you’re starting a new formulation project, our team has a solution to help you get going. Our sales and technical experts are well-equipped to provide advice and guidance on any R&D initiatives.

You can also take advantage of our extensive sample library. We have the latest trend data for color cosmetics and consumer insights that will support your efforts in creating the ideal formulation.

For your nutraceutical development needs, we can furnish you with a list of manufacturers that meet your specifications and provide technical support and samples to help you select the right ingredients